Research & development

Digitizing for tomorrow

The practice of digitization cannot do without reflection, as what we call "the digital world" is constantly evolving. This is why we work towards accompanying the analog audio record in this new world. The portrayal of the "black disc" on the internet is in an ongoing development, and we bet on a new forthcoming evolution with the advent of immersive worlds such as the Metaverse, video games and virtual reality. One could imagine virtual worlds taking place in the 1930's... wouldn't it be nice to be able to listen to records there ? On another note, aren't records going to fit in the ambiguous yet fascinating world of NFTs ?

Projects under development

  • audio playback interfaces (with 3D-visual and binaural modelisation of gramophones and old radios)
  • creation of a 3D object file in the .obj format for every digitized record
  • audio/3D apps for windows/android
  • webdesign for audio streaming
  • Coding our own tools

    Our constant desire to use the best tools for our craft motivates us to develop audio DSP software, interfaces and plugins suited to our needs. Some of these will become free open source software.

    Projects under development

  • plugins in VST, AU,... format, dedicated to audio restoration and quality control
  • digitization application under Linux