Who is Meta-Sillon?

A passion for records

Meta-Sillon was born of the passion of Emiliano Flores for audio recordings.

After completing a Master's degree in sound engineering at Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière in 2000, Emiliano first worked in Parisian studios, then quickly became the sound engineer for several indie/electronica labels with an experimental inclination. Simultaneously, he studied the sound of yesterday's recordings and analog electronic circuits inside vintage preamplifiers, compressors and tape machines, opening them and tweaking their components.

An insatiable music lover and explorer with widely eclectic tastes, Emiliano loved digging for micro-groove and shellac gems at garage sales and second-hand trades, marveling at the quality of both the musicianship and the disc cutting skills found on earlier analog records.

In 2010, he was hired by the sound digitization and restoration studios of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, where he worked for three years before joining the Gecko company, where he set up and led the department of sound restoration. He contributed to dozens of audio digitization and restoration projects for institutions such as INA, the International Court of Justice, BNF, VRT (Flemish Belgium Radio-Television), RTS (Swiss Radio-Television), as well as various labels such as Universal Music, Peer Music, Born Bad Records, Libreville Records... Tens of thousands of records and tapes have been processed by his expert hands and ears.

As the culmination of this period, Emiliano was the project lead for the digital safeguarding of the complete lacquer disc recordings of the Nuremberg Trial, a collection of great historical value.

In 2022, he decided to set up his own business to provide sound digitization and restoration services more suited to our ever-changing digital world. Meta-Sillon was born.

In 2023
, after two years of R&D, Meta-Sillon widened its scope of activity and began to offer a lathe records cutting service.

A few works carried out by Emiliano

Some of Emiliano’s other activities

  • L’EXTRAORDINAIRE DUO DE GRAMOPHONES : a DJ duo which plays only 78rpm records from 1920-1950 on vintage gramophones. The phonographs and records of the Meta-Sillon private collection are used for these performances.
  • SUB MERCI : electronic music with a tendency toward micro-tonality and polyrhythm. Concerts for multiple smartphones, indian santoor, videos, and other original projects…